How to make your mark in Digital Advertising
4 min readJun 3, 2021

Our inspiration arises from the famous words uttered by Bradley Cooper in the movie American Sniper, “Aim small, miss small.”

With the Advertising Industry particularly the Digital Sector ever roaring onward, we have taken the liberty of putting together the biggest lessons to remember if you want to make an impact.

Customized ads are the key to winning the market over:

The biggest problem presently highlighted is the ability or the lack thereof to grab the attention of a potential audience. The most consistent part of consumer behavior has been their disinterest towards watching ads. About 75% of the online consumer population has confessed that they do not pay attention to Ads on Facebook and Youtube, and what is worse? That this statistic is only increasing tenfold every quarter. Why you may ask? The answer is surprisingly simple 42% of the targeted audience feel like the digital ads that they come across on their media platforms are irrelevant in comparison to their needs. The other main reasons for this decline are the advertiser’s inability to produce and deliver customized, personalized, and relevant ads at an expansive scale due to the lack of resources and technology. A bombarding of repetitive messaging just doesn’t cut it and the faster advertisers realize that the better, with approximately 73% of the users having mentioned that companies using this strategy tend to leave a sour taste in their mouths.

Precisely targeted video ads are the go-to format now:

This is not surprising considering how far technology has come. With us progressing towards an ever smarter demanding market where all things can be done with just a couple of words or clicks, the days of reading are going out of style. Have you ever come across an ad and thought to yourself, please just let me watch my video? BECAUSE SAME! Users don’t see a point in watching an ad that they don’t have to, With 100% of people saying they would skip an ad if they got the opportunity to. Since Youtube introduced the popular ad skip feature after 5 seconds, it has become essential for an ad to strike the right chords with the viewer, in the allotted time frame. Failure to do so without a doubt will result in the ad being skipped. The solution is pretty straightforward- Treat the time of your target audience as precious as gold. Over 25% of adults do not hesitate to abandon an ad within 10 seconds and 50% of them will drop off after 20 seconds. Maximize your return on ad spend by inserting key messaging is crucial into the first 5 seconds of a video for skippable content and into 10 seconds for non-skippable content.

Omnichannel platforms will be vital to operations:

Omnichannel platforms are now turning into not so much of a delightful piece of technology to have but rather a necessity. These unified platforms like Kurry for example can be best described as the answer to all of your questions advertising related, with supreme mechanics in cahoots with AI and machine learning, that enable the execution of all campaign program elements rolled into an easy-to-use bundle of joy. They allow for the creation, editing, and managing of advertising across all of your digital, mobile, social media, and programmatic channels. Not only are these platforms for organizations to be likened as their personal creative producing agencies, but they also are efficiency achieving beasts. Their effective workflows across all outlets and channels allow for effortless cross-functionality from the origination of an idea to its completion. They give you the best bang for your buck, reducing the amount of dough spent on man-hours and operations costs while skyrocketing your ROI, but most importantly they allow teams to remove complex repetitive tasks.

Advertisers must remember that the Ad Experience has to take center stage:

Advertisers need to keep their targeted audience up on a pedestal. They have to switch their focus from only trying to get their message across to rather being more mindful of the needs and wants of their users. The downward spiral of customer attention, suitability, and overall unreliability of digital advertising from their point of view, stems from the struggle of marketers to deliver personalized and relevant ads. This strategy may still in the present market be delivering a decent ROI, but at what cost? These approaches in the end only hurt brand image and put the brand value at risk of plummeting. With the rapidly changing marketing landscape creativity has to be set at the very core of all campaigns. For labels to survive, they need to let their imagination take flight, think outside the box, be razor-sharp to incorporate change, and have the power to branch out. The most effective way to do this is to build a connection. Ad designs and delivery need to be simplified, streamlined, and controlled to enhance the creative process by manipulating first-party customer experiences and data to better understand them and deliver content that is both relevant and of value. This will spark their curiosity and tug at the heart of the audience, and after mixing these brilliant ingredients into your campaign the results will speak for themselves!

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